Eric Chilton is the lead singer of the Chill Tones and a beach music fanatic. Being the youngest of 5 kids   where the next oldest was 13 years older he grew up on beach music and pop hits from the 60’s and 70’s.

As a kid he would put on shows for his “captive audience” of 4 teenage sibings and a Mom and Dad.  But being good sports they would watch and cheer not knowing the monster they were creating. 

He spent nearly every summer vacation growing up at either Wilmington or Myrtle Beach and Ocean Boulevard so beach music comes naturally for him. He still recalls the beach music tunes he heard as a kid coming from Peaches On The Corner just up from The Bowery in Myrtle Beach.

Some of you may know Eric’s voice from singing with the Greensboro Big Band for many years but most know Eric from his hosting and weather duties on local tv for nearly 3 decades!


At the age of 9 Scott knew he was destined to be a drummer.  Since then he has never slowed down. In 1996 he had an original band (The Noah Key Band) that was able to share the stage with bands such as Matchbox Twenty, Silver Jet and opened on the side stage at Walnut Creek for Chicago, the Beach Boys, The Moody Blues and many others. He loves working in the studio laying down drum track for friends. He has also had the pleasure of  playing with Burgen and the Jets, Benjomatic, Rubberband, To The Nines, Psycho Drama and many others. Between spending a lot of time at the beach and at Hyco lake he has found his love for beach music and where he is today. Playing with the best band in the world! Eric and the Chilltones


Growing up with an old upright piano beside his bed and playing chop sticks before he could read Tim was destined to play keyboards. He has played keyboards and vocals professionally for over 30 years performing in the 60’s and 70’s with a group called the Varcels. From there the road became home with the Don James Agency playing shows with such greats as Fats Domino, Percy Sledge, The Box Tops and Tom Jones. Founding his own band called Connection took him through 12 years and 3 originals that was featured on several beach shows. The newest member of Centerline, he brings a new and exciting style to the band.


With a heavily recognized last name in the music industry, Rick Everly realized at an early age that performing music was embedded in his blood. Influence from Phil & Don, the famous “Everly Brothers”, formed a lasting impression on the young boy.

Growing up with an entire family of musicians, his motivation and training started early on in life and Rick started performing on a regular basis before he was old enough to drive.

Recording and performing with these bands taught Rick the ropes of the touring band business. After the contract and band ended, returning to Greensboro, Rick landed a gig as Keyboardist / Guitarist for a regional favorite band, “Gales Creek”. Rick eventually became the band leader / agent of Gales Creek taking the band to new levels . . . winning contests, opening for several national acts, including one of his favorites, “Night Ranger”, and being selected as one of only three East Coast bands to do an extended 6 week tour in Norway.

After finding his nitche as a bass player, Rick landed a gig with a local favorite road band, “Clockwork”. After several years, the band’s break-up moved Rick to other projects.

Rick joined a group of musicians to form the “Allstars”. Members of the Allstars included veteran guitarist John Littlewood (performed with many national recording artists), Tom Quick (former lead singer of “The McCoy’s”, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees, famous for the hit songs “Hang on Sloopy” and “Fever”), and drummer, Gary Peterson, of the Canadian 70’s Super Group “The Guess Who”. The Allstars landed a sponsorship from Molson Ice Beer, and performed TV appearances and shows that generated a buzz and rave reviews from many forms of area media.

 Rick soon received an endorsement with Trace Elliot Bass Amps. After the Allstars went their separate ways, Rick performed with many of the areas best local talent in bands “Shaken not Stirred” featuring lead vocals by Jasun Epps of the former 60’s sensations “Martha Reeves & the Vandela’s”. “Steel Rails”, a family oriented young group of men with “voices of gold”, and “Yesterday’s Wanted”, a born to rock group of guys that wrote the book on living in the fast lane. In 1998, Rick joined Alan Allred and Doug Allred in Rockin’ Horse beginning the next and present generation of the band “Rockin’ Horse”.

In early 2010, Rick joined forces with Eric Chilton & Scott Koehler to form the band “Eric & The Chill Tones”. An up and coming, entertaining, Carolina’s Beach & Variety Band.


Jack King has been playing guitar since he was a kid.  Some of you may remember him from the regionally famous band “Brice Street”  He is one of the best guitarists in the Triad and can be seen at various venues around the Piedmont playing everything from Jazz to Rock.  Jack was a phenomenal addition to the Chill Tones.


James Whitley is the more vocal of the Chill Tones next to Chilton.  He loves a microphone and can usually be heard between songs spouting off some silliness and keeping the crowd going.  But lets not forget his alto sax…..he is an incredible horn player and was an integral part of the Part Time Party Time Band in the 80’s.